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Alpha Networks

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1.     All Products (other than used goods) will have a warranty that they comply with the relevant manufacturers’ specification for a period of 12 months following the date of delivery to you.  If a fault occurs with a Product which renders it incompatible with the Product specification within one month after delivery we will at our option repair, replace or refund the cost of any such Product during such one month period. 

After the one month period you are required to contact the manufacturer in respect of the warranty. 

2.     The warranties in 1 above do not apply to any defect in the Product arising from your negligence, damage caused by you, accident, use otherwise than in accordance with its intended use, failure to follow manufacturers or our instructions or any alteration or repair carried out without our written approval.

3.     Any carriage / labour charges incurred when dealing with warranty items will be charged to the customer. 

Guarantees do not cover accidental damage, misuse or damage in transit. 

Goods remain the property of Alpha-networks.net Ltd until paid for in full. 

Items returned as faulty will be subjected to a handling charge.



1.         We shall provide service as agreed with you and in doing so shall observe ethical guidelines.  Our letter of engagement will form the basis of the contract for service between us.

2.         We shall provide service for your exclusive benefit and you agree not to disclose or supply to any other party written or verbal advice, report or other information provided by us without our specific written agreement.



We shall charge fees on the basis set out in our proposal engagement letter or otherwise as mutually agreed.




We guarantee that when the fee account is paid in full we will respond to our service level agreement without delay.  However if the fee is not paid in full we reserve the right to suspend our engagement with you.



If you fail to pay our fees within 30 days from the date of the fee note we will:

i.          Charge monthly interest on the unpaid amount at 4%

ii.         Reserve the right to suspend the services and any other work, which we are carrying out for you.

iii.        Reserve the right to take whatever legal remedy exists to obtain payments.


If you consider the fees, which we have charged, are excessive or unfair, you may within a period of 14 days from the date of the fee note complain in writing to us specifying the cause of the complaint.  If you do not make such a complaint within 14 days of the receipt of the fee note, our rights specified above will apply.


If you make such a complaint:

i.      We shall investigate it.  If we agree with you, we shall make an appropriate reduction to the fee note and interest will not be charged on the amount of the reduction but may be charged on the balance.

ii.     We shall still have the right to suspend any services and any other work we are carrying out for you and take whatever legal remedy in order to obtain payment.



Any variation to the service level agreement or contract shall only be effective if it is agreed in writing between you and a director of Alpha-networks.net Ltd.



You may terminate a contract with Alpha-networks.net Ltd with a minimum of 60 days notice in writing unless otherwise stated.  We reserve the right to terminate a contract with immediate effect. 



English Law governs this contract.

The above terms of trade will apply unless specifically varied in writing by a Principal.